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Pipedream Consulting
Pipedream Consulting
212 Azure Rd | Dahlonega GA 30533 | 678.986.1581

Welcome to
Pipedream Consulting
Web and Application Design and Consulting

A website to help run your business

I build websites for businesses. Unlike many web designers who simply "roll up" a site with a Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla template, I believe in flexibility and customization. I will use templates where appropriate, but much of my work is spent in understanding your business, building a customized data model, and working with your team to make certain that it serves your business needs and grows with you.

Customer facing websites

To a customer, your website has a simple function: sell the customer! While the website should reflect your company image, glitz and fancy effects aren't likely to impress. In fact, they may turn off customers through slow loading or cross-browser compatibility issues. I use clear language and simple fonts to put a professional, appropriate "face" on your business with the clear goal of turning visitors into buyers. After that, the main job is to give your website visibility in search engines to bring people to your site.

These days, it's also critically important that your site display well on tablets, smartphones, and a wide variety of browsers. Using 'responsive design' styles your website can easily adapt to the huge array of devices out there now. To see this in action, shrink your browser window now, and see what happens to this page layout!

Business Control Panels

To YOU, the business owner/manager, the website has a very different and more sophisticated function. You need to manage a complex operation, with clients, assets, financials, employees, and jobs. You can do that with that aging PC in your back office, or you can bring your business to life on your website! Using a secure "control panel" with private encrypted login, you can instantly access your business essentials from anywhere -- in the office, on the road, from your home, even from a web-connected phone. Add new clients, check your financials, monitor job progress, and more, using an interface build exactly to your specifications and needs.

Integrating your business IT with your website just makes sense. Changes to your inventory, job status, and calendar are instantly reflected on your public site. New possibilities open up for connecting to your customer base. Your employees can have their own logins with precisely tuned privileges and access. I can build this for you.

Isn't this expensive?

Not if you hire someone with the appropriate core technology and skills to bring an information-modeling site online quickly. I have these skills and technology. A website like the ones I'm describing can often be launched for $2,000 or even less, with more advanced features being added over time. Yes, that's the public website AND custom private control panels! I don't ask for huge amounts of money up front. You'll see what I can deliver, then we'll work together to add exactly those features most useful and essential to your business on a time-and-materials basis. I fully understand that I'm paid from your revenue stream, and if I don't improve it, I shouldn't get paid. Isn't that the website designer you want?